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Wild the City

As people live in more urbanised environments they often have less access to nature. Wild the City aims to integrate nature back into the cities to create more multipurpose and livable spaces.
We all know if we if we ‘feel blue – touch green’.  Being in nature makes us feel better so why not have these spaces in our cities?
Imagine walking on your way to work and you could pick an apple, hear native bird song and feel relaxed. 

    There are so many opportunities for psychological, spiritual health benefits from experiencing nature in urban places.

    Our cities are the solution for conservation. We need to experience nature on a daily basis to develop awareness of our native birds and environmental ethic.

    If you would like to find out more about Wild the City– I am presenting in the at the St David Lecture Complex, University of Otago 4.00 Saturday. Or see www.wildthecitywordpress.com.


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