This here little blog is all about the 2010 New Zealand International Science Festival being held in July. Rather than being a mimic of all the press releases and associated guff, this blog is going to go a bit more behind the scenes, ramble down the lesser known paths, and hopefully make you think a little bit harder about some of the stuff on offer.   You know, like when you tilt your head to the side and bite your lip, pondering what this or that means, and do you actually get it???

So get interested, get learning and see the world through different eyes, because just maybe you are what you eat*!

Oh, and who I am? I’m Kirsten, Science Communicator Extaordinaire, currently doing a Master in Science Communication through good old Otago University and a true blue (and gold) Dunedinite.  I’ll be your guide in this dimesion 😀

*My apologies for bad puns and so on…


One response to “About

  1. Terrific blog, Kirsten. Good use of the medium, with plenty of images, useful links, and a friendly, casual tone. Nice, clean template, too.

    Mark McGuire

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