I’m a big kid now…

I went along and checked out the Freaky Science show at the Otago Museum today, and while it wasn’t the Cafe Vulgar one as advertised, it was an informative and exciting show.  Although, I suppose anything with loud bangs and expanding marshmallows is awesome.

Balloon Antics #1

Check it out!  It’s Amadeo, the Safety Scientist!  He’s demonstrating what happens if you put liquid nitrogen in a plastic bottle, and then put a balloon over the top. 

First it inflates, and then inflates some more!  Hmm, I wonder what will happen…

… the ‘sonic boom’ echoed throughout the museum shortly after this photo.  Awesome.  I fully admit to letting out a high-pitched shriek at this.  Apparently the rubber exploded at the speed of sound.  Or something.

Operation Air Removal: Marshmallows!

Next came the removal of air from marshmallows and pineapple lumps!  Amadeo rigged up a air-sucker-outer to a container full of confectionary and then commenced Operation: Air Removal.

This is what it started out like.  Both the marshmallows and the pineapple lumps expanded, with the chocolate cracking on the lumps.

This was the end result!  But wait!, there’s more: this is what happened when the air was let back into the container (apologies for the poor quality video):

And the marshmallows ended up smaller than when they began!  And they got eaten by an appreciative audience.

Water was also used for this demonstration, where the water began to bubble and boil as the air was removed, as the water became a lot colder (like at the top of a mountain) and therefore it boiled at a lower temperature.

Balloon Antics #2

The poor old balloons came in for more abuse when Amadeo poured the dry ice into the red container and placed an inflated balloon (and a rotten banana from the Tropical Forest!) into the container.

Basically, the balloon shrunk as the air inside froze, turning to liquid!  When Amadeo cut open the now small balloon, you could see liquid air pour out!  And the banana got smashed.

Anyways, this post is getting long, so I’ll leave it there but head along to the other Freaky Science shows at the museum:

What Goes In Must Come Out on Thursday and,

The Menu of Cafe Vulgar on Sunday

Lastly, a huge shout-out to Amadeo for a great show.  Stay classy 🙂


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