Body Parts…

Anyone remember that documentary “Body Farm”? The one in the good old US of A about the decomposing bodies (of people who have donated their bodies to science) that aid in forensic research?  This is what I think of when people mention donating their bodies to science.

WARNING: Don’t watch this if you are squeamish!!

Anyways, I don’t really think that donating one’s body to science is all about rotting outdoors at some remote location to help in solving murders. So what does happen (especially in New Zealand)?  Check out the screening of the documentary ‘Donated to Science’ by Dr. Paul Trotman. This is going to be followed by a discussion with people involved in the film. 


  • Rialto Cinema, Wednesday 07th July 2010, from 6.00pm – 9.00pm – Big Screen!!
  • Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Saturday 10th July, 2010, from 1.30pm – 4.00pm (also followed by a discussion)

Also check out the exhibition ‘Still Life: The Art of Anatomy’ which is on display at the art gallery.


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